Lee Stone – Head of Programmes, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Veteran broadcaster and now Head of Programmes at BBC Radio Gloucestershire, Lee Stone has experienced a lot of change and development in the world of broadcast communications.  In this frank interview he talks to Dave about the challenges facing broadcasters in the face of increasing on-line competition and audience fragmentation.  Despite the challenges, Lee is optimistic that the value of good stories and honest journalism combined with the BBC’s hard-earned reputation for integrity and truth, will continue to cut through the social media morass in the era of fake news.

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Founder and owner of Communicate TV, Dave Harries, is a former BBC producer who has long been focused on using the power of interview-based films to help organisations tell their stories. Dave is the interviewer in chief for CommunicateTV, drawing on his extensive career of broadcasting and his wide base of contacts, producing high quality interview-based films for a variety of clients.