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Reflections on the Changing Face of Communications is a collection of in-depth interviews with interesting and knowledgeable experts from the world of business communications.

Our aim is to offer listeners a real insight in to the problems, issues, techniques and innovations affecting modern communications and how these in turn influence the direction of modern business practice.  As well as offering valuable lessons in communications theory and practice, we hope these podcasts will also demonstrate the extraordinary power of the broadcast interview as a channel for disseminating ideas to a wider audience.  If you’d like to know how the power of a podcast could work for your business, please get in touch.  As well as listening to the Podcasts here you can also download them from iTunes here if you prefer to listen off-line.

Chris O’Riordan – CEO of Firestarter Solutions

April 5th, 2017|

Chris O'Riordan is the managing director of sales strategy, training and implementation company, Firestarter Business Solutions.  In this interview he shares with us his thoughts on communications in the sales process and how the advent of digital communications, [...]

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